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At μmobility, we specialize in tailored software and hardware solutions for eBike and eScooter manufacturers, end-users, and fleet managers, ensuring a smooth ride towards innovation and success.

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We Develop Unique Solutions That Propel Your Micro-Mobility Venture

μmobility is your tech ally in navigating the urban mobility landscape. Our bespoke software and hardware solutions are engineered to meet the unique demands of e-bike and e-scooter operations, ensuring a smooth ride towards success.

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Mobile App Development

Crafting intuitive mobile applications to enhance the user experience for e-bike and e-scooter riders.

Web App Development

Developing robust web applications to empower micro-mobility operators with essential management and analytical tools.

Hardware Development

Engineering custom hardware solutions to enhance the safety, performance, and reliability of micro-mobility vehicles.

Micro-Mobility Consultancy

Providing strategic insights and guidance to navigate the evolving landscape of urban micro-mobility.

Integration and Support

Offering seamless integration support and continuous optimization to ensure your micro-mobility services thrive.

Micro-Mobility team on demand

We're your dedicated team of experts, poised to accelerate your micro-mobility venture with tailored solutions.


Our products


A digital solution revolutionizing after-sales services for micromobility vehicles. We've built the entire ecosystem from scratch—design, backend, and frontend using React, React Native, and Nest.js. Since its inception, we've been continually enhancing and refining the Servvus experience.

JIVR | Care

An innovative digital tool redefining customer interaction for micromobility enthusiasts. We've engineered an all-encompassing platform, amalgamating effortless vehicle data access, remote maintenance scheduling, and streamlined support communication. With each iteration, we're refining JIVR Care to ensure a seamless and enriched user experience, available on iOS and Android.

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Embark on a collaborative journey with us to shape cutting-edge software or hardware solutions tailored for your micro-mobility venture.

Marcin Kasz

Head of Product & Marketing

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Martin Piatkowski


Paweł Markiewicz

Tech Lead

Dawid Majewski

Software Lead

Łukasz Janusz

UX Designer

Bartosz Limanówka

Front-end Developer

Raashid Ahamed

Software Developer


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