Case Studies

At μmobility, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional engineering and software solutions for the micro-mobility industry. Here are some of our standout projects:


Servvus is our custom-built platform designed to revolutionize aftersales service for bikes. Using NFC technology, it streamlines communication for repairs and maintenance while providing detailed bike profiles.

Key Features:

  • NFC-based identification for easy bike tracking
  • Streamlined communication for repair and maintenance
  • Comprehensive bike profiles for better customer service

Impact: Servvus enhances customer experience and operational efficiency, exemplifying our commitment to digital innovation.

JIVR | Folder

We engineered the JIVR | Folder electric folding bike, featuring a proprietary chainless drive train and custom battery integration. This project showcases our precision in design and engineering.

Key Features:

  • Chainless drive train for a sleek, clean design
  • Custom-made battery integrated within the frame
  • Lightweight and compact folding mechanism

Impact: This project highlights our ability to deliver advanced mobility solutions with innovative engineering.

OGONGO Bird 01

In collaboration with Ogongo, we developed the Bird 01 electric bike, which features a rear-wheel motor with a belt drive and a custom egg-shaped battery. This design emphasizes sustainability and modern aesthetics.

Key Features:

  • Belt drive system for a clean and efficient ride
  • Custom egg-shaped battery for unique design and functionality
  • Seamlessly integrated motor

Impact: The Bird 01 project demonstrates our dedication to creating sustainable and stylish urban mobility solutions.


V2X Communication System

We designed and implemented a custom V2X communication system, enhancing vehicle-to-everything connectivity with advanced electronics and Qualcomm chipset integration.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth and GPS integration
  • Onboard V2X radio for real-time communication
  • Advanced safety and traffic management features


Impact: This project underscores our expertise in intelligent transportation systems and cutting-edge technology integration.

JIVR | Care

JIVR | Care is a digital platform we developed to manage JIVR vehicles, featuring NFC-based identification, maintenance tracking, and comprehensive customer support.

Key Features:

  • NFC-based vehicle identification
  • Detailed vehicle profiles and maintenance history
  • Easy booking with bike shops and 24/7 customer support

Impact: JIVR | Care streamlines service and warranty processes, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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